FILAMENT yarns aND colours are our world

As a truly international company we serve various different markets. Our (PES) DIOLEN® and (PA 6.6) TIMBRELLE® yarns can be retrieved in various processing levels and form an integral part of the most diverse products of our daily life. We also elaborate together with our customers special solutions tailored to their respective application field. As a strategically-oriented global player we are constantly in search of new application areas for our (PES) DIOLEN® polyester- and (PA 6.6) TIMBRELLE® polyamid 6.6 filament yarns.


Whether it's in upholstery, door lining, head rests or hat rests - we produce and deliver high quality (PES) DIOLEN® yarns that are used as important components of construction material in frame- and body construction. (PES) DIOLEN® is the thread keeping everything together. For and together with our partners we spin a bit of future, for example in the semi-technical textile sector.

Technical Textiles

From cable coating via the carbon fibre roving in wind turbines to textile hoses in ventilation systems or vertical blinds; there is no end to the usage scenarios of our (PES) DIOLEN® and (PA 6.6) TIMBRELLE® yarns due to their excellent form stability and durability.

Home textiles

Whether for light shielding, shading or marquees, in furniture or decorative fabrics, for upholstery in bus, train or plane; due to their multi-functionality our (PES) DIOLEN® and (PA 6.6) TIMBRELLE® yarns are much sought after. Further applications, for example in the medical sector, are possible with function brands DIOLEN® CARE and TIMBRELLE® CARE as well as DIOLEN® - UV Resistant due to their added characteristics.


Our (PES) DIOLEN® and (PA 6.6) TIMBRELLE® yarns have a multitude of applications for clothing as well - from shoes to socks, functional underwear, lingerie, functional textiles for active sports up to professional wear. Öko-Tex Standard 100 guarantees skin compatibility.

Medical sector

Our (PES) DIOLEN® CARE and (PA 6.6) TIMBRELLE® CARE filament yarns are also used in many textile products used in health care and disease prevention. Allergy risk is minimised in mattresses, sheets and duvet covers. Silver ions permanently embedded into the polymer protect the textiles from developing bacteria and germs. This is an increasingly important topic for clinics, health centres and care homes. But DIOLEN® CARE und TIMBRELLE® CARE filament yarns are also used in wellness- and spa establishments where hygiene maintenance is an important parameter.

Sewing thread

Our textured polyester multi-filament yarns in various thread strengths and colours
go into knitted fabric processing or they receive special facilities. Depending on the individual application we match the sewing yarns to the customer wishes. The perfect textured yarn is soft, voluminuous and skin compatible. It is ideally suited for all tidying and cover stitch seams as well as for optional selvage coverage.


Our polyamide- and micro yarns are preferred for use for full-fashioned stockings, sport socks or special support stockings. Depending on strength, the yarns can be used for a massaging effect or compression or to accentuate a fashion statement up to transparency. The yarns are package dyed in various yarns counts and are offered with the corresponding functionalities.

11. 01. 2019

Forum Funktionalisierung

Dr. Reinhard Forstner will talk about recycling of chemical fibres at DITF's "Forum Funktionalisierung" conference in Denkendorf.

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17. 09. 2018

DIOLEN®THERMO Reference Project

Brand new on the market - already in series production

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