Polyamide 6.6 TIMBRELLE®

Polyamide PA 6.6 filament yarns under the TIMBRELLE® trademark are available from dtex 13 to dtex 110 with up to 68 filaments - as POY, plyed, air-jet or friction textured or upon request also twisted. Special functional combinations are feasible. We also produce these qualities in raw white, package or dope dyed.


  • Highly elastic, tear- and abrasion-resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Crease-resistant
  • Good pleatability
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TIMBRELLE®FASHIONblend combines best properties of DIOLEN® Polyester yarns with those of TIMBRELLE® PA 6.6 yarns and is a perfect base for high-grade & dynamic textiles.



TIMBRELLE®BLACKBRILLIANCE - Polyamide 6.6 yarn solution by TWD Fibers for haute couture.
BLACKBRILLIANCE is the perfected combination of solution dyed PA 6.6 yarn refined by TIMBRELLE®EDY flat yarn with outstanding luster properties.

Best for:
  • Lingerie
  • Hosiery
  • Stocking

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Silver ions permanently embedded in the polymer provide lasting protection against the development of bacteria, allergens and germs. The effect is antiseptic and supports the healing process. Textiles made from PA 6.6 TIMBRELLE®HYGENIC yarns are machine-washable and lastingly effective. PA 6.6 TIMBRELLE®HYGENIC yarns are extremely kind on the skin and free of heavy metals and halogens.

  • Antimicrobial
  • Odour neutralising
  • Antiseptic

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TIMBRELLE®ZINC ACTIVE - the Polyamide PA 6.6 yarn with incorporated zinc for a perfectly shaped combination of cosmetics and textile. Zinc improves a clear complexion and minimizes skin problems. It supports natural protective mechanisms of the skin and protects against drying out. It's natural antibacterial effect additionally prevents unpleasant odours.

  • Acts against bacteria growth
  • Improves a clear skin complexion
  • Lastingly effective



TIMBRELLE®THERMO - the new polyamide PA 6.6 hollow fibre made by TWD Fibres. Various air pockets inside the fibre naturally regulates and protects the body from temperature variations. At the same time woven and knitted fabrics made of TIMBRELLE®THERMO are up to 15% lighter than comperable fabrics made of common polyamide PA 6.6.

  • Increased warming & insulation properties
  • Low weight per unit
  • Protects from temperature variations

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TIMBRELLE®EDY is the new polyamide 6.6 flat yarn by TWD Fibres. EDY stands for Enhanced Drawn Yarn and represents a yarn showing remarkable features for processing it into hosiery and finest knitted goods. TIMBRELLE®EDY has got exceptional luster and high elongation properties and is therefore optimized for use in high class knitted fabrics. Request.

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Yarns out of METALLIC EDITION ensure textiles with a good portion Bling Bling - dazzling performances that will be remembered! TWD Fibres‘ new Metallic Edition covers gold, silver and platinum up to copper.

  • Spectacular metallic effect
  • Free of heavy metals and halogens
  • Certified according OekoTex Standard 100, product class I (baby article)

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The new EXTREM AIR yarn cross section that we use in our TIMBRELLE®SMARTDRY is double functional:

  • On hot days, the channel cross section carries body moisture away from the skin into the textile.
  • On cold days, the channel cross-section locks air in. This isolates the body additionally from outside cold.

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We produce around 15,000 tons PA 6.6 TIMBRELLE® POY per year. This POY quality is available from dtex 14 to dtex 140. Further qualities upon request.

11. 01. 2019

Forum Funktionalisierung

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17. 09. 2018

DIOLEN®THERMO Reference Project

Brand new on the market - already in series production

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